AMAN AMUN is an artist and music producer from Brooklyn, NY.
His work manifests as music, visual art, photography, performance, installation, and interactive media. The music of AMAN AMUN pulls from the various corners of house, jazz, disco, hip hop, and pop to create a sound that is harmonic and emotive yet steeped in a deep pot of breakbeats.

In the past the AMAN AMUN live show has taken many forms, often including visual and interactive elements and sometimes full bands. The project toured the east coast from 2007-2010, opening for some notable national acts in traditional venues like the 40 Watt as well as headlining performance art events in galleries from Nashville to Savannah. After a four year focus on rattling the rock clubs of New York withΒ Bellechord, the music of AMAN AMUN comes back out into the light with a new project.

Now in 2024, AMAN AMUN introduces his latest band Eye for Ear. This ensemble, featuring visionary visual artist torshev and dynamic drummer Thierry Dussau, is making waves with their forthcoming audio-visual album, ‘QUALIA.’ This ambitious concept album navigates the vast expanse of space and time, from the cosmic flash of the Big Bang to the Big Rip. Stay tuned to @eyeforear for a glimpse into the sonic universe of QUALIA as it’s revealed.



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