AMAN AMUN is the art practice of Brian McGaw. it manifests itself as music, visual art, photography, performance, installation and interactive media.

The music of AMAN AMUN pulls from the various corners of house, jazz, disco, hip hop, and pop to create a sound that is harmonic and emotive but with a break and pulse.

The AMAN AMUN live show has taken many forms, often including visual and interactive elements and sometimes full bands. His commercial work as Occurrent Arts creating interactive experiences for brands like Google, Esquire, and Samsung have taught him how to bend media and technology to create powerful experiences for the public.

After a four year focus on rattling the rock clubs of New York with Bellechord, McGaw brings the AMAN AMUN project back out into the light.

In collaboration with visual artist torshev, McGaw presents QUALIA, the interactive live show for the fourth release by AMAN AMUN. In it, they’ve created a large LED door with which they can inject experiences into a room. With sound, light, props, and performance QUALIA takes a crowd on a musical journey through time and space.


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